Ernie - Ch Ashlaren Oxford ET RRD

We want to thank our friends Tony and Colleen Rowland who own this amazing dog for allowing us to have access to these awesome photo's of Ernie - Ch Ashlaren Oxford ET RRD.

Ernie clearly shows us the versatility of the Weimaraner and will give you a glimpse of what can be possible if you train your puppy to do the things he was bred to do. Not only that you can see some of the wonderful places and experiences that you will be able to share with your dogs and your friends.

Please note that no fauna was killed or shot in the taking of these photo's.

All of the pigeons that you see in these photos had been previously euthanised before they were used for retrieving by the dogs. The pigeons are supplied by pest controllers who eradicate them from City's on the request of local councils.

All guns have blanks in them when fired.

If you would like more information on trialing please email us and we will put you in touch with Colleen and Tony.

Ernie - Ch Ashlaren Oxford ET RRD