Selection Notes.

I often get asked about the differences between male and female puppies.

Let me first tell you that all of my life my family have kept female dogs because my mother always told us that female dogs were more loving, more loyal and generally made better pets. As children we believed everything our mother told us!

In 1984 I decided to keep a male puppy. What a surprise, this dog was amazing, loyal to the the point that he would sit by my side day and night. He was loving to the point of being soppy. From that day on I have often reflected on what my mother had taught us as children and realised that as far as Weimaraners were concerned she was wrong!

Since that time I have kept many male puppies and have always found that they are often more friendly and easy going than the females BUT that doesn't mean that there are not exceptions. The male Weimaraner is generally in my experience the one most like what my mother descibed as what we should be looking for in female puppy.

We generally keep 3 to 5 weimaraners at a time and it is often but not always the case that females Wei's rule the roost. My current male gets spoiled silly by our two females, they dote on him all the time and he fawns their affection then comes and wants to sit on my knee for a cuddle.

So if you are looking for a puppy don't discard a male as they are often a better pet than a female, they also cost less to desex if required.

At Somerford we do our best to match puppy personalities with owners. We make the selections and recommendations based on what we know about you and because we know the puppies very well by the time they are 8 weeks of age.

Our puppy buyers can usually make their selection from a smaller sub-group of puppies and we can also give you detailed information on their personalities by the time they are 8 weeks of age.

If you would like more information on puppy selections please call or email me so that I can help you to make your decison.

Our Friend Amrita the owner of Kaiser 
has helped us to complete a Frequently Asked Questions section. If you are thinking of ordering a puppy you may like to also read this.