Real Life Weimaraner Stories

Many of my contemporary breeders have had web sites long before I managed to find the time to build this one. 

This gave me a lot of time to think about how will I would  like to make our site different to all those other weimaraner breeder sites. 

When I first started to build this site some people sent me emails and they said things like "I loved reading the story that you wrote regarding the birth of 'Taliya' ". 

I started to realise then that people really love to read real life stories and don't we all want to know and share more about our Weimaraners so I thought why not tell their stories on our website. 
Too many Weimaraner sites have lots of information telling us about how good their Weimaraners are in the 'Show Ring' but let's face it not all Weimaraner puppies are going to end up in the show ring are they? Many of our dogs will become cherished members of our families and what better way to learn about Weimaraners and their nature than to share their stories.

If you would like to send me photo's of your weimaraners' and tell me about your story I will select the best and post them on this web site. You can email them to me and I will edit and load them for others to read. This way we can all learn more about the nature of the weimaraner as a family pet. 

Weimaraners are very different to other dogs as I'm sure you will soon find out!

The first story is  about 'Aust Ch Somerford Reevas Oska' now owned by the 'Adams Family' no pun intended Katrina.

'Look at me Oska'