Katrina - Nov 2007

Hi Jim and Danny, 

here are some of Oska's latest papparazzi shots. The first ones are of his third birthday. He had a juicy lamb heart cake. He really enjoyed the party hat.... not! 

Next photos are of one of our trips to the beach which he really enjoys as long as he doesn't get wet! 

Sometimes Oska is distracted by other dogs and isn't keeping an eye on the waves and one will wash up and get him. His reaction is hysterical. 

Next photo is Oska having a pash with his mate Nosey. Nosey is a stuffed toy echidna that Oska loves playing with. 

The last  photo shows that Oska understands mum's rule about staying off the carpet, although he likes to push the boundaries and this is as far as he can go without getting into trouble!

Hope the puppies are doing well and you are managing to get some sleep. Katrina.


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