Common Questions and answers!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS :  When puppies first come home.

Breeders, pet owners and food specialists all have different views on diet and and training and the details listed below  in Q and A form outline the principles with which our dogs are raised.

We would like to thank our friend Amrita who purchased
Kaiser for helping to start this section of the website. Amrita had lots of questions that she wanted answered before she committed to importing her puppy to Singapore. In keeping a record of many of those questions she helped start this list. So to Amrita thank you for suggesting this page and thank you for your help in compiling so many questions. I'm sure we will continue to add to this page as more people ask questions.

What is the difference between a Show Puppy and a Pet Puppy?

To be honest most pet owners would not be able to tell the difference between a Show quality Puppy and a Pet quality puppy. As a breeder we are always trying to breed the ultimate 'SHOW' puppy. As you may know we have a Breed Standard that describe attributes that we try to attain when trying  to breed the perfect weimaraner while many of the attributes in the standard can be measured, to be honest much of the interpretation is subject to personal evaluation and understanding by individuals and is often interpreted differently by judges and breeders.
Because we, as breeders, are always monitoring inheritance issues, temperaments and also trying to attain betterment of the breed generally we tend to get very picky about which specimens in the litter are graded as the best and which ones should be selected to go on and breed the next generation. All that aside to the serious enthusiast there are many subtle differences between show puppies and pet puppies and because showing dogs is highly competitive all breeders like to ensure that if a person orders a show quality puppy then they be given the very best that is produced in the litter so that they can be competitive in the show ring. If you are just starting out  please discuss this with the breeder and ask for help in understanding the subtle differences in the selection process. Buying a pet puppy doesn't mean your puppy is not a good weimaraner, just the opposite, sometimes the runt of the litter turns out the be the outstanding show specimen. We all get it wrong sometimes.
At Somerford we also pay very strict attention to the temperament of our breeding dogs. We select friendly family dogs as we know what it is like to live with weimaraners. Show dogs can some times be highly strung so we strive to modify this as bes we can to ensure that your puppy is friendly and fits your family.

What kind of information will I receive with my puppy?

All of our puppy buyers are supplied with a comprehensive puppy manual, at the time they collect their puppy, this manual covers most topics on how to care for your new puppy, it details when your puppy's' vaccinations are due, what level of training and exercise your puppy should receive and many other informative chapters.You also have a lifetime guarantee that we will be here for you and your puppy to support advise if required.

I've heard that Weimaraners can be very naughty puppy's?

Young weimaraners can be very naughty but so can many children when they are growing up and parents can have a big influence on the outcome at these trying times.The most important thing to remember with weimaraners is that they need to be an included member of your family, they are medium sized dogs and they may find ways that you don't like to amuse themselves if you neglect them. I always tell people that if you are careful and attentive to your puppy for the first 12 months while they go through puppyhood and adolescence they will reward you by turning into a wonderfully well behaved adult....well usually! There are always exceptions - I'm not talking about you Rex!! Please don't give up on your puppy during the harder adolescent times. If you are having problems please call me and I will suggest some strategies to help manage difficult situations.

Can I change the diet of my puppy when I bring it home?

Remember to make any changes in diet very slowly, over a week or two if  possible. Quick changes when a puppy first comes home is not a good idea. He or she is usually a little stressed by new suroundings and changing the diet quickly may compound the settling in phase by triggering a dose of the runs and we don't want to deal with this on top of the bringing a new puppy into your home for the first time.

How many meals a day should I give my puppy ?

As mentioned in your puppy manual, your puppy will be on 2 meals a day when you take it home, we feed at approx 7.30am in the morning AND again at about 3.30 PM in the afternoon. Most owners quickly develop their own feeding schedule. I suggest that you follow our until you are comfortable making slow changes to adapt the schedule to your own routines.

Can you give me more information on feeding ?

The morning meal – is basically protein based, minced meat with options of a raw egg or grated cheese. We generally feed chicken, the key for me is variety but you can also do beef, lamb and pork (not too much pork as it is harder to digest). You can also add in a little kibble or grated vegetables. 
The evening meal is kibble based – please use a variety of high quality kibbles that are made from different meats, holistic products etc.  Less expensive kibbles are made mainly from grains and these are not as easy for your dog to digest. Remember dogs were never vegetarians. You can add in a little warm water to soften the kibble. We also sprinkle a little kelp powder and sometimes add some sardines. I suggest that you don't feed too much protein ( meat) at night as protein makes lots of urine which in turn means more trips outside through the night and this can be tiresome if you are house training your puppy.

What Treats can I give the puppy ?

Treats are good and can be used as training rewards. We recommend Liver treats,  peanut butter stuffed in Kong toys, organic / natural dog biscuits. Definitely no chocolate, it is toxic.

Can I cook my dog's meat dishes?

You can but I never cook any of our dogs meat dishes. I ask you - when would a dog catch its prey then light a fire and cook its meat? Probably never!  No need for cooked meals or vegetables. Soft bones can be good for puppies and will assist with dental hygiene. Try fresh chicken bones including necks, wings and drumsticks. Wait until your puppy is over 10 months before giving larger marrow bones  and beef brisket– their teeth can’t crush them as yet. Also remember your puppy is weaned now and milk will probably give him the runs .

Should I give my puppy any supplements?

Add a teaspoon of fish oil to one meal a day ( good for coat) and protexin ( yoghurt ) to all  meals. With a quality diet, I also recommend glucosamine treats when puppies are growing or older dogs.

Does the diet of the dog change at adult hood ?

Not really, quantities may change though a balanced diet is always essential and one of the best ways to avoid bloat in my opinion is to feed a very varied diet! Also do not overfeed your weimaraner puppy. Fat weimaraners are VERY UGLY! They were bred to be an athlete not a couch potato.

How much Water should I give my puppy ?

Fresh water must always be available ( especially in hot weather or hot climates), although you may like to take the water away early in the evening while you house train your puppy.

Do the food bowls need to be elevated once he grows ?


Has my puppy had his first bath ?

By week 8, he has had about 5 !

How long do I keep the puppy's nails ?

Definately do not allow them to get too long ( I hate long nails on weimaraners) – Please keep them at the length they were when you first got your puppy, cut nails weekly. Please remember to get your puppy in the habit of cutting his nails weekly. Long nails look terrible and can be dangerous and long nails certainly help him to dig big holes in your garden. 

At what age should he get his second teeth ?

He will begin to loose those needle like baby teeth at 4 months. This may last for about 6 weeks as his new teeth grow and fill the voids left by the baby teeth. Fresh chicken bones will clean the teeth all the times.

If I crate train as recommeneded what is the maximum number of hours to be kept in crate ? 

30 mins to an hour to start with, with a maximum of 3 later on when puppy is comfortable BUT only if absolutely necessary. Overnight from last outing before bet at approx 11.00 pm and up at 7.00am. If my dogs need to go to the toilet at night they usually wake me with a request. I was up at 5.00am this morning when Legend yipped to go to the toilet this might happen once in a blue moon. I always crate train my puppies.

What kind of crate should i buy canvas or metal?

I prefer metal crates too many canvas crates have been destroyed by teeth or paws when young puppies are placed in them.

My pupoies front feet seem shaky or wobbly?

Weimaraner puppies bones often grow faster than their tendons for the first 12 weeks. Tendons often don't quite support the growing bone structure as it should. If your puppies front feet get wobbly or shaky cut back on the exercise. This problem usually auto correct from 12 to 18 weeks of age as all the puppy's skeleton and ligament supports come into alignment. If you have any issue with this please call for suggestions and a detailed explanation on how to support your puppy through this phase of growth.

When should I get my puppy desexed?

To answer this please read the latest research HERE

Estimate on weight ?

12kg at approx 12 weeks, 28 -32kg as an adult

Should our puppy have a fixed routine ?

Yes, the key to a well behaved puppy is routine and consistency. You may need to make adjustments to his routine based on climate and weather changes and other factors like if you work or how big your family is. But please help your dog to settle in by establishing a regular routine and be consistent.

When should I first visit the Vet ? 

If your puppy is well you should make your first visit as per vaccinations schedule. Please do not take your puppy to a puppy pre-school based at a Vet Clinic. We do not set-up human kindergartens at infectious hospitals so why would we send a baby puppy to an infection source to learn socialisation. If you need more information on this please call me.

Is there a quick checklist of things to buy in preparation for my puppies arrival ?

 Food bowls – two to facilitate cleaning
 Kibble - premium non grain based.
Fold-up Crate
 Eye cleaning solution
 Ear cleaning wipes / solution
 Pooper Scooper
 Cleaner / deodorizer
 A few toys will help ensure they chew the right things ! Examples - nylabone, puppy teething Kong, and Kong ball (to fill with treats)
 Grooming products : shampoo, toothbrush and dog paste if needed and rubber brush for bathing / grooming, nail clippers.

And for the ride home ?
Treats, a soft toy, towel, water & bowl, cleaner (in case of an accident there), remember to use a crate for transport.

Do you have some final advise for me? 
A general principle to follow is to establish rules on sleeping, whether allowed on furniture, routines etc and then stick to them.

…Are important days in a puppy's life. Having just been separated from mum, litter and the only home your puppy has known, we recommend attention and love in high doses !